Super Booty

The Field Goal Kicker with the Secret Gorilla Leg 

Ivan does some behind the scenes exploring at the local zoo and ends up in a vetrinary laboratory where he's accidentally jabbed in the leg with top-secret gorilla serum.  The next day, his leg is amass with bulging muscles and thick, black hair. Most high school students would be horrified by such a transformation.  

But, did I tell you that Ivan is the kicker on the high school football team?

Horror gives way to delight as he finds himself booting long distance field goals and stratospheric punts. The fans love him.  He's dating the adorable Kipper Swanson.  He's even got his own cheer that is chanted when he lines up to kick, "Super Booty, Super Booty, Ooooh, Aaaah!"  

What could go wrong?

‚ÄčPlenty.  First of all he's worried about turning into a full-fledged gorilla.  And the scientist who is supposed to be working on a cure is a behemoth named Elko.  When he's not threatening to crush someone into a ball or spray them with knockout gas, he's betting on football - including Ivan's high school games.  Ivan wonders if he's working on a cure for "gorilla leg" or just making money off his kicking abilities.  

By the time the final game has arrived, things have spun out of control and Ivan must decide whether to fully transform himself into Super Booty or return to being plain old Ivan.

‚ÄčOstensibly about football, Super Booty is for anyone who has a secret gorilla leg or who simply likes a quirky and fun sports story.